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trying to explain the impossible on fox us in yesterday. >> how much does that cost? >> it's revenue neutral. >> it's not revenue neutral unless you take away deductions. and we'll get to that. the first half lowering the tax rates does that cost $5 trillion -- >> no. >> you haven't given me the math. >> oh, it would take me too long to go through the math. >> come on i don't have the time to tell you how the math works. then he follows that awkward statement with another statement today. >> i like chris. i didn't want to get into all of any math of this because everybody would start changing the channel. >> jennifer: kind of funny. i isn't know candidates were worried about fox news ratings, and it wasn't just paul ryan having difficulty with this issue. governor bob mcdonald today was also at a loss to explain this math. >> where is the mat and is mitt romney going to be undepressure to produce specifics. >> first that's a laughable question. the question is how do you get america back to work? what paul ryan just said on your clip, is you flatten the base --
's groups and said can you find folks. they brought us whole binders full of women. >> binders full of women. it was the quote that launched a thousand tweets. behind the awkward sort of wording is a complete lack of specifics. he still has not said whether he supports the lily led better equal pay act. you'll remember this answer from his campaign. >> something governor romney support the lily ledbetter act. >> we'll get back to you on that. >> contradict. well, it's october and we are still waiting. last night actually, senior advisor ed gill recipe told the huffing to know post that mitt romney would not have signed the act into law but today oops, he did an about face and pulled the classic mitt romney flip-flop and said: >> he never weighed in on it. he's just a blank canvas waiting for you to guess what he'll think and do. that lack of specifics might be hurting him with women who thought the president won last night. 56% of women in swing states felt that the president won compared to 34% who said romney did. earlier this week, there was a gallop poll suggesting the president's lead d
to try and make sure we don't talk about climate change. they've been dropping the elbow on us for a long time. hurricane sandy came around and dropped the elbow on them and so the koch brothers and all those climate change deniers, you can buy those research and think tanks and buy the politicians but what you cannot buy is reality, and that's what hit us this week unfortunately because of your actions. now we've got a whole 'nother hour of the "young turks" coming up for you so stay right here. >> the tree is uprooted. >> we all started panicking. then the water started to come in. >> rescues started happening and these trucks started coming in. i guess we're seeing more people stepping out of this national guard truck. and people who have been rescued. >> some of the area's best known board walks have been wrecked destroyed. >> looking at more de station. we have a good look here at what's taken place on the jersey shore. >> the best way of traversing the roadways right now. >> sharks swimming in the water around their homes! they weren't about t
is currently under siege. the right to organize is seen as a threat to the most powerful among us. we should not forget the difference between a game changing moment and a game changer. >> jennifer: good news today out of pennsylvania. the judge has blocked the state's tough voter i.d. law meaning it will not go into effect this election. >> we've come like moses today not to say let my people go but we've come today to say let my people vote. >> jennifer: let my people vote. you'll remember this was the law that would have disenfranchised as many as 750,000 people in pennsylvania. mostly young people and minorities and a top republican lawmaker had boasted in june that it would give the state to mitt romney. pennsylvania's actually part of a wider trend. measures to restrict voting are being stymied in courts in wisconsin, texas florida arizona, south carolina, and ohio. stymied by the court system. but the not so good news is that these laws are not going away. the pennsylvania law has just been suspended not stru
it is still up in the air. so don't count your chickens folk. back with us from washington, d.c. is peter fenn, and joining me here inside "the war room," duf sundheim. duf, let me start with you, because of all of the polls that have been out lately there has been some movement of republican money. there have been in fact fox business news is reporting that some of mitt romney's new york donors are taking their money to the house and senate. and that trend reflects an increasing level of anxiety both with the nature of the romney campaign, and polls show president obama has a lead in swing states that some republicans think is insurmountable. do you think it's too soon? >> yes. you are going to see some anxiety, you are at a football game, and people start leaving for the exits way too early. >> jennifer: i think we're going to have to follow the money. though. peter after all of the millions that have already been donated how important it is for campaigns to get new funds with a month to go especially if there is a feeling that you are in a ship that is sinking? >>
. >> they are moving equipment out, and they are letting us know every day, that they are leaving no matter what that they are still sending operation over to china, and that . . . to me they are letting us know we mean nothing to them. we're just nobody. we're nothing. >> my children don't understand that. they are like just go get a job. well there's just not that out there. >> jennifer: those are just three of the folks that work at the profitable plant in freeport, illinois. that factory has been there for decades, but as you just heard it is about to close, and the 170 people who work there are going to be laid off. the company's owner is moves its operations to china, where it can make even more money producing sensors and controls, but the workers are not giving up. they have created an emcampment across the street from the facility. a constant reminder that lives will be ruined if jobs go to china. both president obama and governor romney has spoken about the threat that china poses to the u.s. manufacturing base. president obama has pushed back hard to end loophole
and syndicated columnist karl frisch, and coming to us from boston is charlie pierce, contributing editor of "esquire" magazine. both of you gentlemen welcome back inside "the war room." >> good evening, governor. >> hello, governor. how are you? >> jennifer: i am great. charlie let me start with you. how it is that mitt romney can continue to affiliation himself with people who make inane comments like those. >> first of all the jesuate fathers thought me [ inaudible ] he is silent gives consent. why has he gotten away with it -- >> jennifer: why hasn't he said anything at all. >> because he doesn't have to. he has gotten away with everything else. i wish i had a nickel for every pundit who told me last february, oh, he has got to release the tax returns. guess what he hasn't released the tax returns and he is not going to do the next ten days. they telegraph the etch-a-sketch punch six months ago. they said he was going to start lying. and he started right on schedule. and he has gotten away with it. so why wouldn't he get away with chloroforming the crypt keeper and br
be watching new jersey tomorrow as the president visits the site. t.j., thanks so much for joining us inside "the war room." sandy is now expected to cause at least $20 billion in property damage. and between $10 and $30 billion some estimates say it will be $25 billion more in lost business. that would make it one of the costliest natural disasters on record in the united states. according to the forecasting firm ihs global insight. that's in part because of the sheer size of this storm. its impacts were felt across the entire east coast and then in parts of the midwest as well. airports across the region are still closed. tens of thousands of passengers stranded. up north in portland, maine wind gusts reached more than 60 miles per hour. that forced officials there to close the port. then further south the storm brought blizzard conditions to parts of appalachia, more than two feet of snow blanketed some parts of west virginia. and a snowstorm in western maryland was so severe that it caused a pileup of tractor trai
better, but the data is the data. progress is being made. the president's strategies are moving us in the right direction. that is the data, those are the facts. but republicans don't like those facts, so they are either undermining the recovery as mitt romney did today when he said this. >> romney: the reason it has come down this year is primarily due to the fact more and more people have just stopped looking for work. but if the same share of people were participating in the work force today as when the president got elected our unemployment would be around 11%. >> jennifer: so they are either undermining the recovery or there must be a conspiracy. with the day that that fails to support their policies the right has resorted to conspiracy, and who better to show how far the so-called party of business has fallen than jack welsh, romney support and former ceo of general electric a titan of capitalism. today he traded in his green eye shades for a tin hat and tweeted this . . . >> jennifer: and then just in case you rubbed your guys in disbelief -- he didn't re
for a safer freer and more prosperous middle east allied with us i share this hope but hope is not a strategy. >> jennifer: and neither is rhetoric. and romney was criticized for commenting on libya. that came after his gaffe-filled overseas tour in july. he was virtually booed out of england, but perhaps the most surprising thing about today's speech was that when you strip away all of the chest something, romney's plans look an awful like what the president is already pursuing. >> romney: in afghanistan i'll pursue a real and successful 2014 transition. >> jennifer: as if the president's nato-backed plan is not backed. and then of course there's israel. today for the first time, rom advocated a two-station solution. >> romney: i'll recommit america to the goal of a successful palestinian state living side by side with the nation of israel. >> jennifer: the president has been pursuing that solution. and romney was caught on tape in may saying he didn't think that problem has a solution. >> jennifer: somehow hopefully something will happen to fix this. to
forjoining us. >> thanks for having me. it is a pleasure. >> jennifer: all right. so what's the latest data you can give us on early voting? >> governor, we are up in early voting in every single battleground state. every public poll shows us with a two to one advantage or in some cases, a three to one advantage. there is a reason for that because we've invested in these states. we've invested on the ground getting to know people. registering them to vote. keeping in touch with them. encouraging them to early vote. bringing them on board and having them help us get people out to the polls on election day. early vote is paying off. i think it is a sign of the momentum and the energy we have out here. you know, i think that this faux narrative that mitt romney has momentum are wrong. the polls are the same as they were before the first debate. this is a close race. we've always said it is going to be a close race which is why we've invested heavily in our ground game. it is paying off. but we can't rest on
by the way can you send up stimulus money for us here in the state of wisconsin. >> we advocated for constituents applying for grants. >> this was such a bad program and he writes a letter saying the reason we need the stimulus is because it will create growth and jobs. >> jennifer: you tell him joe. can you believe that green pork. paul ryan and the vice president didn't let much slip by unchallenged last night. >> i don't understand what my friend is talk about. i don't know what world he is in. it is not true. it is not true. more people signed up -- if you notice he never answers the question. >> it seemed to work. in fact a cbs poll of undecided voters found that 50% of them gave the debate to the vice president. only 31% gave it to congressman ryan. cnn has it closer to a draw. 48 ryan 44 biden. that was of registered voters. a strong performance from biden, but a tie overall being called by the media frankly was what we predicted last week. but the tie goes to the president who is already ahead in the electoral college tally. for more on last night's veep
and said can you help us find folks and they brought us whole binders full of women. >> jennifer: binders full of women. but behind the awkward ward beaver meets hugh hefner wording, there still were no specifics. he still has not said if he supports the lilly ledbetter act. you'll remember this answer. >> jennifer: crickets. well, it's october, and we are still waiting. last night actually senior advisor, ed gillespie told the "huffington post" that mitt romney would not have signed the lilly ledbetter fair pay act into law, but then today ed gillespie did an about face and he said, quote . . . he never weighed in on it. he is just a blank canvas waiting for you to guess what he thinks and what we'll do. and that lack of specifics might be helping with women. lake research partners said 5 f% of women in swing states felt that the president won compared to 34% said that romney did. maybe last night brought the women back. on the campaign trail both candidates seemed to be angling for the female vote. the president stood in front of a virtual wall of women and made his pi
information. with unrivaled analysis and commentary. >> you're going to hear that used as a major talking point. (vo) the only network with real-time reaction straight from the campaigns and from viewers like you. >> now that's politially direct. >>start the night with a special live edition of "talking liberally with stephanie miller" at 7 eastern. only on current tv. >> obama: this means that most health plans are now beginning to cover the cost of contraceptive care because i don't think a college student should have to choose between textbooks or the preventive care that she needs. [ cheers ] >> jennifer: that's president obama in fair fax, virginia today. his campaign schedule shows just how important colleges are to his war room's reelection plans. in fact just in the critical swing state of ohio president obama has visited five colleges there inless than a month. back with us is celinda lake, political strategist and president of lake research partners -- celinda, according to the newest mirries pole president obama has 70% of their votes? florida, 76 in iowa, 66
. with unrivaled analysis and commentary. >> you're going to hear that used as a major talking point. (vo) the only network with real-time reaction straight from the campaigns and from viewers like you. >> now that's politially direct. >>start the night with a special live edition of "talking liberally with stephanie miller" at 7 eastern. only on current tv. what we need are people prepared for the careers of our new economy. by 2025 we could have 20 million jobs without enough college graduates to fill them. that's why at devry university we're teaming up with companies like cisco to help make sure everyone is ready with the know-how we need for a new tomorrow. [ male announcer ] make sure america's ready. make sure you're ready. at devry.edu/knowhow. ♪ ♪ but when joint pain and stiffness from psoriatic arthritis hit even the smallest things became difficult. i finally understood what serious joint pain is like. i talked to my rheumatologist and he prescribed enbrel. enbrel can help relieve pain, stiffness, and stop joint damage. because enbrel, etanercept suppresse
that antiquated. still, they say the darnedest things, don't they? as for us, time to batten down the hatches. there will be giants to slay! >> jennifer: well, at last night's debate, mitt romney did seem kind of hard-pressed to come up with any real criticism of the obama administration's foreign policy positions. as our own john fuglesang here at current tv, he put it so wonderfully, it was as if romney were introducing the me, too doctrine. so how much does mitt romney support the president's foreign policy? well, let me count the ways. he agrees with the president's proposed 2014 withdrawal from afghanistan. he agrees with putting sanctions on iran. and he agrees with the president's handling of the iraq war. and the drone strikes and targeted killings in pakistan. but one place the candidates do diverge is on spending. here's what that looks like when you put the two plans side by side. president obama would honor the department of defense's request that defense spending be 3.3% of gross domestic product and kee
. the debate last night might have woken up the sleeping beast that is us progressives. so arise from your slumber folks! or as samuel l. jackson would say -- >> i strong will you suggest that you wake the [ bleep ] up. >> jennifer: all right. now that we're awake let's see where we are. president was back in a fighting mood today. pointing out that romney's policies last night were very different from the rest of his campaign. i think what the president might have been wondering is that age-old question... >> obama: i repeat will the real mitt romney please stand up? >> jennifer: will he stand up? unfortunately, the real mitt romney has stood up and here's what he's saying. this is what mitt romney is saying. of course i believe in all of these things! medicare, work for the employed, tax cuts for the middle class. saving homes cross my heart and hope to die. i, mitt romney, believe in all of these things. but i do not like the way the present administration is doing them. so just turn them over to me and i will do all
part of the ground game. they seem to be using the romney ryan way of talking about the deficit to do their voter contact analysis. first of all you can't have that type of a difference between the two numbers. that would suggest that there may not be quite that type of a game in place. >> jennifer: right. >> i think they don't have a particularly effective ground game. but the way they are trying to make up for it is create an impression -- because there is a psychology, you create the psychology that you are head so sometimes that small group of undecideds says i want to go with the winner. so they are throwing data out there to play into a narrative that may not be there. we saw this in 2000. the bush campaign was doing a victory tour going to states that we knew we were up almost by double digits to created that impression about where the campaign was. >> jennifer: so you think it's a head fake. >> i do think it is a head fake. i think folks are getting more sophisticated about this, and when you see data like this it leads you to that type of conclusion. >> je
and the majority of those are women, and that's very good us in because the president has manage to hold his lead with female voters in virginia. female voters favor the president in virginia. after all of these polls and numbers and estimates from today, what is the big take away? well nate silver is "the war room"'s math guru and he factors in everything. he factors in national polls, swing state polls, early-voting numbers and historical patterns and economic forecasts, and today nate silver is predicting that -- drum roll -- the president has a 74.4% chance of winning. now that is a full six and a half points higher than just a week ago. so like the economy, this election seems to be heading in the right direction. now we have got the get the word from the ground. so joining us is brian moran. he is coming to us from washington, d.c. virginia went blue last election, and chairman moran is trying to keep that it way. brian welcome inside "the war room." >> thank you very much. and might i say to you, thank you so much for joining us in the commonwealth and virginia demo
software company wrote a similar whining e-mail to his employees titled with the u.s. presidential election directly affect your job? the e-mail reads... so if you vote for obama and end up in communist china, don't say i didn't warn you. and, of course, there's the koch brothers. we couldn't do a segment like this without the koch brothers. they're already spending hundreds of millions to get mitt romney elected. they're also making sure their employees vote the right way writing in an e-mail to 45,000 workers... >> i've called this a thinly veiled threat to vote their way or be fired but i'm not sure it is that veiled at all. here's the really disgusting thing. it gets worse than what i've already told you. the koch brothers back group alec which drafts model legislation for state lawmakers has actually succeeded in passing laws that make it illegal for public employees to talk about politics on the job. consider that for a minute. koch's personal law that prohibits teachers and firefighters and possible union mem
to this election and turn to kristin crowl. she is joining us from madison, wisconsin. kristin welcome back inside "the war room." >> thank you so much for having me, governor. >> jennifer: you bet. when we last talked to you, you were in the throws of battling this scott brown recall stuff. how is early voting doing? and do we have any idea who has the edge of that in wisconsin? >> we have been very pleased with the way that early vote is shaping up. we have had lines every day in our democratic base areas across the state, we have had rallies and events and we feel like we have the edge in early vote it started a week ago and we have seen lines ever since. so we're very excited. >> jennifer: wisconsin's early voting ends the friday before the election instead through the weekend, how does that affect your efforts to get out the vote? >> we know on saturday mornings we'll have thousands of volunteers out pounding the pavement and communicating with voters to get that vote out on tuesday. there is a final push at the end of the week to get every early vote cast come fri
, this is now. we have to go to use the president's word, forward. i'm very confident biden will do a good job. >> jennifer: talk about that. you obviously know paul ryan well. >> i don't know him well but i know about him. but i would say one word to the biden women. women. talking about affordable health care lilly ledbetter equal pay, i really think the divide among single women for the president is like 25 30 points and we have to have married women in that category as well, but i think it's really important. joe biden has been a champion when he served as chair of the judiciary committee, we was the author of the violence against women act, which paul ryan voted against. whether it's a women's right to choose, paul ryan is exactly like todd akin in terms of forcible rate, and no abortion even if the life of the mother is at steak. he is very extreme on those issues, and people have to know that. >> jennifer: that's interesting, because the gender gap closed in a few of these polls that we saw nationwide, and perhaps it was because that issue was not raised at all in
for a perspective on the polls, and to tell us what president obama needs to do michael thanks for coming back inside "the war room." >> sure thing. always a pleasure. >> you wrote a very interesting column on this subject. what was governor romney able to accomplish in the last debate that caused this unbelievable shift in the race? and what has the president got to do to shift it back. >> romney came prepared and really surprised obama. he really -- his discussion about being this new moderate romney, i think totally caught obama off guard, and he didn't know how to handle it and he was very slow on his feet and wasn't present. obama needs to win here i think, governor. he doesn't just need a draw. a draw would be okay. it would keep things status quo. but status quo is pretty frightening for obama partisans. he needs to shift the momentum decisively. and reverse the slide that has been happening since october 3rdrd. >> jennifer: let me ask you to stop right there. because i want to ask what he has to fight for. but do you think you're being a little bit unrealistic, con
presidential debate. joining us now are two of my favorite guests, democratic strategist and syndicated columnist karl frisch and michelle bernard the president and ceo of bernard center for women, politics & public policy. welcome back to you both. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> jennifer: michelle how does the president come back from this? >> he just has to havevery, very -- the next two debates the president has to be very very strong, but i think it is very important that we see the barack obama that the whole country fell in love with in 2008 on the campaign trail. people are going to want him make us feel good about what he has done as president of the united states, what his vision for the future of the country is, and as much as i hate to say it, because i hate negative ads, but we know that they work. and we spoke after the convenings, there is a stark difference in how the democrats view the places of women, african-americans, hispanics from what we have seen from the republican party, and i think the president is going to have to hit home on that. we n
into national politics. coming to us tonight from houston to discuss the debates ahead of tomorrow's verbal bout between president obama and governor romney is douglas brinkley. douglas is a presidential historian. rice university professor and author of the new book "cronkite." welcome back inside "the war room." >> thanks, governor. thanks for having me. >> jennifer: you bet. so is it just me or do you also think that tomorrow's debate is being pumped than any other debate at least in my memory? >> well, i think so because it seems like it has been a longer campaign right? the media now -- every day really every second, people are watching what obama and romney says. it is the dominant story. i think people are feeling this is one of those elections of a lifetime which vision for america to go to. so it is a lot of hype for this one and there is a feeling now with barack obama up in the polls, three points nationally but up in some -- almost all of the swing states he might be able to close the deal with th
for this country that we love. >> now as president obama spoke in new hampshire today reminding us the clock is ticking for swing state voters to make up their minds. who has not made up their minds? today was the president's fifth trip to the granite state. compare that to 21 journeys to florida and 20 trips to the buckeye state of ohio. joining me now to break down the swing state situation is democratic strategist and uva graduate donnie fowler. he knows the states well from his day as a field operative. he runs dog patch strategies. thanks for being here next to my new favorite toy. we talked about new hampshire and how new hampshire is a little -- these little states. it is a little state. but not all of the states we're going to talk about here are small states. they just have fewer electoral votes. one exercise that's interesting is if you give these states down here florida north carolina, virginia to mitt romney, you give wisconsin to mitt romney. he is still at 258. you give ohio to the president. 258-255. all of a s
person among us, i guess that would be me understands the need for stop signs and stoplights and dare i say it, even a federal communications commission in terms of frequency allocation and technical needs so listen, it is not something where people want to see some sort of a regulatory anarchy. i think governor romney was very clear in saying look, we need reasonable regulation, so i don't think it's something that's here also sy to those on the right. >> this is so interesting to me, j.d. that there's this moderate mitt that seems to be acceptable to you. >> look, it is a staple in politics. you've heard this sings you took civics in the ninth agreed. what happens in a general election campaign, you win your party's nomination and then you talk to people in the middle and you say you know what? i think we can work together. the idea is to attract votes. it's not a big mystery jennifer. >> i know. it's not a big mystery at all j.d. it's the etch-a-sketch. come on, what do you make of congressman ron paul saying that he's actually not going to be voling for mitt romney? do you think tha
of effective and here's the analogy i would use. it's like the newspaper article that gets something wrong. everybody reads the story and gets the mistake in version of what happened but the correction that comes out the next day is on page 35 in a little box and nobody sees it. and so that's what happens here. it really has to get corrected during the debate and that was the job of course of barack obama and for whatever reason, he didn't do it. >> jennifer: let it go means that you end up missing the opportunity to set the record straight in front of 50 million people. we talked about this last night. -- last time, whether it is a better strategy to spend your time rebutting lies or to go instead on the attack. do you think that the president should have gone after each one of these lies that romney has thrown at him? if he does, he wastes his time in the attack -- he doesn't get a chance to go on offense. >> no. that's absolutely right but the thing is on things like the healthcare, that's an obama strength and so what you
from minnesota, nolan winning 48-44 right now. he used to be a congressman as well. it will be interesting to see how that plays out. and then ami bera against dan lundgren, a long-time republican. it could go either way that long-time republican could lose his seat. then my favorite, tammy duckworth versus joe walsh. well joe, it was nice knowing you. why is he down so much? it may be comments like this. >> they wants the hispanic vote. they want the hispanic dependent on government. just like they have the african-americans dependent on government. >> there is no exemptions. >> don't blame the marketplace for the mess we're in now. i'm tired of hearing this crap. >> pick this president up, pat him on the head and say son son, son. >> cenk: well, we're about to pat you on the head and say son, son son there's the friggin' door, enjoy it. i wish the host had predicted this earlier hmm. >> joe walsh, the clown of the earth. he thinks on medicare you have to double down, go harder at it. he's first-termer. he's going to be wanted out. i would be surprised if he surviv
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